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10 Reasons to Use an Expedia Cruises Vacation Consultant

Everyone loves vacations. But you know what doesn’t sound like a vacation? Planning a vacation. For most of us, the pain of not only coordinating everything to get you out in the world, but also navigating new terrain once there, can be anything but the relaxing break you deserve. What you deserve is a stress-free experience unique to you. And we can make it happen with people unique to us at Expedia Cruises. We’re talking about our very own local travel enthusiasts, the Expedia Cruises Vacation Consultant team.

And here are 10 reasons why your vacation could use one.


#1: We’ve Been There Before
Take castles. Everyone loves them. Problem is, this is vacation, and you want – no, NEED – to visit the best one. Because when will it happen again? Well, our Vacation Consultant Chris knows hundreds of castles, and there’s one that rises above all others. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. It’s the one that inspired the Disney castle, need we say more?

Well, Chris will. He’ll tell you when the best time to visit is, what to expect, what not to expect. Chris is your castle expert, and with his inside scoop in your back pocket, you’re going to visit that castle like no one else in your party.

Our Vacation Consultants, like Chris, are actual travel enthusiasts. They can’t wait to share their stories and adventures with you, chock full of tips, tricks, and insider knowledge that will guarantee you get the exact experience you’re looking for, but also the exact experience you could never have predicted. Book with those who’ve been there, with one our Vacation Consultants.

#2: We’re Local to You
Want some actual face time with your Vacation Consultant? Not a problem, as each of our franchisees are locally owned and operated. That means your personalized service is coming straight from someone in your community. And knowing exactly where you're coming from, helps us to plan where you should be jet setting to.


#3: Convenience. Simple As That.
All right, time for the nuts and bolts. Booking a cruise comes with a lot of coordination and decision making. You could burn hours and hours trying to figure out which cruise is right for you, simultaneously trying to consider all the off-ship excursions that you’re interested in, and after that you’ll still need to organize the travel logistics of getting to and from the port of call at each stop. Doable? Yes. Enjoyable? Not so much.

A travel agent can help iron out those details with you. An Expedia Cruises Vacation Consultant goes the extra mile, no pun intended. With us, you’ll be given a single point of contact, local to you, to help cover every aspect of your vacation throughout the life of your booking and trip.

#4: It’s Free.
Let’s get this right out of the way. Using this expert service actually saves you money. It’s a common myth that booking through a travel agent costs extra, but that’s not the case with Expedia Cruises, because we know how vacation goes. You should be putting that money towards all the souvenirs and once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll be getting on our cruises. That’s why using an Expedia Vacation Consultant saves you money not only in terms of pricing, but also exclusive perks that you can only access through us, which brings us to our next reason for using a Vacation Consultant.


#5: Exclusive Value
While we are locally owned and operated, as part of the Expedia GroupTM we have access to over 100,000 Expedia® Exclusive Staterooms a year, giving you access to preferred rooms at some of the lowest prices on every major cruise line to every destination. And, whether it’s onboard cash credits, Member Prices, pre-paid onboard gratuities, or one of our many other exclusive Expedia® Extras, you will benefit from value that can only be found through your local Vacation Consultant.

#6: Stress-Free Travel Planning
A plethora of cruise options is only good if you feel 100% confident in the one you eventually settle on. And one recommendation is worth a thousand reviews. Our Vacation Consultants have actually been on our cruises, often multiple times each. They know them inside out, so when you express your vacation wants and desires, they’ll know all the specifics of what will meet them.


#7: Always There For You
No matter how well anyone plans, you can always predict a little unpredictability in your travels. That’s why our Vacation Consultants are always there to help with delayed flights, missed connections, last-minute changes in plans, you name it. If there’s a problem standing between you and vacation, we’ve got the advice to get you past it.

#8: One-Stop Shop – Air, Land & Sea Vacations
When you book with one of our Vacation Consultants, you book with one of them. This keeps you from having to book in multiple places – like online, over the phone, and in person – removing the risk of losing track of everything while you’re traveling. Just think of us as the one-stop shop for air, land, and sea vacations.


#9: Customized Trip Planning & Personalized Service
Vacation is no one-size-fits-all endeavor. And our Vacation Consultants will not only guide you through all the options available, but will provide you with advice and planning that’s tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Because we know not everything is simply a matter of taste. Many considerations are a matter of necessity. And we’re here to accommodate both to the best of our abilities.

#10: Expert Advice
Okay, maybe this is more of a reiteration than its own point. But it bears repeating: our Vacation Consultants offer expert advice in not just travel tips and tricks, but also all the not-so-fun but very necessary things. They’ll keep you up to date with information on visas, travel restrictions, and the latest rules you need to know about wherever you’re traveling. This is the kind of stuff that can really derail any vacation if it catches you off guard, so having someone keep you in the know is invaluable. It’s not all serious business though. They can also add to a better overall experience by picking the best rooms for you on your cruise, and by showing you options you weren’t even aware of.


In Conclusion
Let’s take a step back and look at everything holistically here. Unless you’re the most Type A of Type As, planning can be stressful. Not the vibes you want leading up to, and especially during, your vacation. We can do all that for you. On top of it, we’ll give you the inside scoop on everything you need to make your vacation experience unique to you. In short, we’re offering expert curation from real travel enthusiasts who’ve done it all and then some. And we’re offering it all in a way that saves you money. So, why not let go and actually take a vacation for a change?

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