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Cruise Lines Adapt for a Safe Return to Sea

Cruise lines have begun to roll out enhanced safety measures to ensure a safe return to sea for all guests and crew, in compliance with guidelines set by medical experts, global health authorities, and local port regulations.

The future of cruising will not only plan for safety measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19, but for all types of illness and potential safety hazards commonly associated with travel. While individual cruise lines may vary in their approaches, guests can rest assured that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure all guests and crew can cruise with confidence.

The following overview outlines early thinking and preliminary plans from our partners. As policies crystalize and announcements are made, we will update this page accordingly.

Cruise Health and Safety Updates

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Pre-Cruise Regulations

Cruise lines will plan for all scenarios with an emphasis on prevention and preparedness.
  • Versatile itineraries: published itineraries will be confirmed with approved destinations and ports. Cruise lines will still remain versatile, rerouting, or postponing sailings when necessary in accordance with global health advisories.
  • Strict health requirements: guests and crew must be declared fit to travel before boarding. Boarding will be denied to guests and crew who have been in contact with suspected, confirmed, or monitored cases of COVID-19, or are suffering from any fever or flu-like symptoms. Guests of a certain age may be required to provide a doctor’s certificate stating that they are fit to travel, and crew members must provide similar travel documentation.

    Embarkation and Debarkation Procedures

    With only one guest entrance onto each cruise ship, cruise lines can implement thorough mandatory health screenings at embarkation and debarkation.
    • Mandatory health screenings: This can include infrared and thermal temperature scans, and secondary screenings when necessary to ensure guests do not pose any risk to others. Failure to pass first or secondary health screenings will result in denied boarding.
    • Increased sanitization at embarkation and debarkation: in addition to pre-existing sanitization methods, high contact areas at embarkation terminals will undergo more frequent and enhanced sanitization, including disinfectant fogging, a superior antibacterial procedure to safely clean surfaces and eliminate the spread of germs.
    • Enforced physical distancing measures: online check-in and staggered arrival and departure times will be implemented to reduce overcrowding at embarkation and debarkation ports, with distancing measures also in effect for lines and queues while on board.

    Onboard Safety Measures

    The health and safety of guests and crew will be a shared responsibility, allowing guests to enjoy a worry-free vacation.
    • Ships will not sail at full capacity: having a reduced volume of passengers and crew members onboard will be highly beneficial in maintaining health, safety, sanitization, and physical distancing measures, as well as provide vacant cabins in case of emergency.
    • Increased sanitization onboard: all public and private areas of cruise ships will increase the frequency of sanitization schedules and procedures, with a comprehensive focus on high-traffic areas including guest accommodations, general seating, passenger walkways, amenity areas, as well as frequently handled items such as casino chips, glassware, cutlery, and more.
    • Adjustments in service: service will be approached mindfully, with the removal of “self-service” buffets, instead opting for plated meals, individual containers, or service by professional food and beverage staff only.
    • Supplied hygiene resources and products: we all need to do our part, and cruise ships are committed to providing you with the tools to do so. They will normalize guest and crew cleanliness in high-traffic areas by providing additional sanitization stations, dispensers, and hand-washing sinks at all dining venue entrances, shared amenities, and public spaces, to be monitored by friendly crew members.
    • Increased health and safety awareness: similar procedures will be enforced and cleanliness resources will be provided for all crew members and crew areas. While health and safety have always been a primary focus, all crew members will be educated on increased awareness for maintaining a safe work environment, and for the reporting of any guests who display symptoms of illness or other potential risks to fellow guests.

    We understand that you may have questions, and we are happy to answer them. Please do not hesitate to contact your Vacation Consultant for any questions or concerns, or to start planning your next extraordinary vacation by air, land, or sea.

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