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Cuba Travel

Travel Advisory: On June 4, 2019, the US government announced new travel restrictions to Cuba, effective immediately. As a result, all cruise lines will no longer be permitted to sail to the Caribbean island of Cuba.

Important Cuba Travel Requirements

Below are the requirements for all guests, regardless of country of residence traveling to Cuba. It is the responsibility of all guests to confirm with their applicable government agency that they have the proper documentation required to enter Cuba.

  1. US regulatory changes now permit certain types of travel to Cuba. Currently, for U.S travelers (which are defined as US citizens, permanent residents of the US or any traveler whose Cuba travel has a US leg) there are 12 authorized categories of travel to Cuba that are permitted.
  2. All guests regardless of country of residence (including children) traveling to Cuba from a US port will be required to self-certify that they are traveling for 1 of the 12 authorized categories by signing a travel affidavit identifying the authorized category of travel under which they are visiting. This self-certification must be completed prior to boarding the vessel.
  3. The self-certification forms will be provided by the cruise lines
    a. Cruise lines will retain the completed self-certification form for the government required 5 year period;
    b. Guests sailing under the category fulfilled by a self-guided People-to-People exchange program must have a full-time schedule of authorized activities and must maintain their own records and evidence demonstrating such a full-time schedule.
  4. A passport will be required for all guests sailing to Cuba. Guest passports must be valid for six months after their travel date to Cuba (from date of departure).
  5. A tourist visa is required for all guests
    a. Cruise lines will facilitate the purchase of the required visas onboard
    b. The cost of the visa will be added to the guest's onboard accounts (costs may vary, estimate of $75 USD per person)
  6. The cruise fare for these sailings includes mandatory medical coverage required by the Cuban government during your guest's visit to Cuba.
    a. While traveling in Cuba it is unlikely that guests would be covered by their U.S. or Canadian health plan. Guests should check with their insurance provider regarding their medical insurance coverage in Cuba
  7. All guests regardless of citizenship should confirm with their applicable government agency that they have the proper documentation required to enter Cuba.
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