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Health and Safety at All-Inclusive Resorts

Health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do, and there is no compromise in this area for public health. Travelling is no different in that aspect; however, it is a very different world from what we have known before COVID-19. Every step in the travel process has been re-imagined to ensure cleanliness, health and safety to reduce disease transmission.

You may be longing for the crystalline blue waters of the ocean and the sounds of soft waves lapping up against the white sand beaches. You welcome the sunny disposition that comes with a tropical climate, and your spirit instantly flourishes. But with so much fear and uncertainty in the air paired with the volume of information involved in planning a trip, the mere idea of travelling creates an overwhelming task. As a result, many travelers may wonder whether the trouble is worth the extra effort for that tropical trip to the beach.

We asked this very question to one of our franchisees and passionate travelers:

“I’ve stayed at over half a dozen properties in Mexico and the Dominican Republic since the start of Covid, and all of them take sanitization, health and safety very seriously. Many even partner with international health standards companies to develop protocols for cleaning, sanitizing, temperature checks, food safety, etc. Also, many all-inclusive resorts take care of Covid testing requirements before flying back home, making the process easier and removing the more stressful components of travel these days. Lastly, many resorts have made 100% vaccination of their staff and regular staff testing a fundamental pillar of their operating standards, especially in Mexico and the Caribbean.” - Noam Meppen, ACC, Franchise Partner

So, with that in mind, here is what you need to know to travel safely with your all-inclusive vacation:

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The New Flying Process
There are new rules in travelling with requirements and restrictions designed to reduce transmission. Requirements will differ between countries. For example, some countries require proof of vaccination, others require a negative entry test, but some countries do not have any requirements. Rest assured that your Vacation Consultant is well-versed in the nuances of travel restrictions and requirements to help you navigate the open waters of travel planning.

Because of the nature of close-quarters unavoidable on airplanes, airlines have taken extra steps to ensure air circulation goes through rigorous filtration to minimize the spread and ensure clean air particles disseminate throughout the cabin. Travelers must wear face masks during the duration of the flight. Eating, drinking, and moving around the cabin are not encouraged to minimize unnecessary disruption of air particles.

Private Transfers on the Rise
Private and direct transfers from the airport to your resort have gained remarkable interest over the large coach bus transfers usually included in vacation packages. In addition, small group travel with your private party minimizes interactions with others to help reduce risk and increase your level of comfort in health and safety.

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What’s Happening at the Resort
Most resorts have instituted vaccination policies for staff and implemented face masks in all public areas. Upon your arrival, contactless service is encouraged with resort apps where you can check-in to your room, make dining and spa reservations, and access a wealth of information about the property and its services. Enhanced sanitation procedures in public areas ensure frequent cleaning in high contact areas while reducing daily housekeeping to minimize unnecessary traffic in and out of guest rooms. Though the contactless aspects of the resort are present to mitigate risk, the overall customer experience is maintained to enable a positive travel experience.

Need a pre-departure test?
Many resorts have also partnered with mobile or onsite labs to offer pre-departure testing for anyone who requires it before leaving. And should you receive a positive test result, dedicated quarantine facilities are available for you to isolate. In addition, many resort chains offer either complimentary or reduced nightly costs for isolation stays should the need arise as a part of their commitment to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Third-Party Excursions
As with the private transfers, small group and private tours for your party are preferred for many third-party excursions so that you can still get off the resort to experience the destination itself.

Mask Requirements
Masks are required in many places where physical distancing is impossible but not required in many outdoor, open areas. After all, you are on vacation, and who wants to wear a mask at the pool or the beach?

Going away on vacation will not be much different from where you are. Though the rules and enforcement may differ slightly, the universally accepted practices for health and safety to minimize risk is embedded in everything we do, and everywhere we go. Accept that things may change at any time, so be prepared, be aware of the rules and stay flexible. Everyone will have a different comfort level with how they want to proceed with travel plans, and it is vital to recognize that.

Your Vacation Consultant will work with you to ensure you book and plan your travel with your comfort level and understand requirements. It may seem like there is a lot more to know these days, but the information is broken into pieces to digest quickly and absorb what is relevant for you. Book with confidence as safety measures throughout the travel process from your departure to your return home

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Enjoy the same expertise you have come to trust for every type of travel, including the all-inclusive vacation package. As your trusted neighborhood Vacation Consultant, we are committed to providing you with extraordinary vacations.

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