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How to Redeem your Future Cruise Credit

How to Redeem your Future Cruise or Travel Credit

Save more, redeem the best value, and earn Expedia Rewards points on your next cruise.

Whether you have a Future Cruise or Travel Credit from a canceled cruise, flight, hotel, all-inclusive package, tour, and more, we can help you navigate the finer details of what they are, how much they are worth, and the best way to maximize their value for your next vacation by air, land, or sea.

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What is a Future Cruise Credit?

A Future Cruise Credit, also known as an FCC, is a voucher issued by a cruise line that typically holds the equal or greater monetary value of your original booking. Often issued in the case of an unexpected cancellation, your Future Cruise Credit can be redeemed for your next cruise booking and take advantage of current promotions and offers.

Future Cruise Credits can only be applied to your booking through a Vacation Consultant and are subject to the individual cruise line’s terms and conditions.

I booked my cruise elsewhere, can I still redeem my Future Cruise Credit with Expedia CruisesTM?

A Future Cruise Credit is owned by you, the customer, and can be redeemed wherever you choose, regardless of where you originally booked. At Expedia CruisesTM, we’re happy to lend our expertise to help you navigate the redemption process.

Why should I book with Expedia CruisesTM?

When you book with Expedia CruisesTM, we will navigate the redemption process for you while providing personalized service and advice you can trust.

We will ensure that you maximize the value of your Future Cruise Credit by taking advantage of our latest promotions in combination with any available offers and upgrades from the cruise line, all while earning Expedia Rewards Points to redeem on future travel.

How much is my Future Cruise Credit worth and how long do I have to use it?

Every Future Cruise Credit is different in value and expiration date, so we highly recommend that you contact your local Vacation Consultant to help you navigate the fine print. We will help you explore the best options to fully maximize the value of your Future Cruise Credit and make your vacation memorable!

Each cruise line will have its own restrictions on the value that is included in the Future Cruise Credit you have been issued. Some exclusions may include:

  • Port fees and taxes
  • Prepaid gratuities
  • Shore excursions
  • Onboard cash credits
  • Initial deposits

Each cruise line will have its own limits on when you can redeem your Future Cruise Credit, which may be subject to expiry and blackout date limitations for new bookings.

Do I have to book the same ship, stateroom, or itinerary?

No, in most cases, you can use your Future Cruise Credit for any ship, itinerary, or stateroom the cruise line offers!

With the assistance of your local Vacation Consultant, we can explore the latest promotions, offers, and available upgrades to maximize the value of your Future Cruise Credit. Many Future Cruise Credits are worth more than your original booking value, therefore you may be able to upgrade your vacation for no additional charge!

What happens if the cruise line cancels the sailing again?

If you have applied your Future Cruise Credit to a sailing that is canceled by the cruise line, you will likely be refunded in the form of another Future Cruise Credit with an updated expiry date. Rest assured, your local Vacation Consultant will help navigate this situation with you, should the unexpected happen.

What happens if I need to cancel the sailing?

If you decide to cancel, your booking will typically be governed by the standard cancellation policies of the individual cruise line at the time of booking. Most cruise lines have introduced flexible cancellation policies, many with cancellations up to 48 hours before sailing. Your Vacation Consultant will provide the cruise line’s cancellation policies at the time of booking.

I’ve been issued a Future Travel Credit (FTC) for a vacation that wasn’t a cruise – can you help?

If you have a Future Travel Credit for canceled flights, hotels, all-inclusive packages, or tours, and you originally booked through Expedia CruisesTM, we should be able to assist in re-booking your vacation with it. We’ll help you navigate the redemption process while providing personalized service and advice you can trust. Future Travel Credits are subject to the individual travel supplier’s terms and conditions.

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