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Africa Cruises

Well known for its majestic animal kingdom, Africa is home to 56 different countries and is the only continent to stretch from the northern temperate zone to the southern temperate zone. An Africa cruise allows you to discover this hidden cultural gem, all the while aboard some of the finest cruise lines in the world! Spend your vacation climbing Africa’s tallest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro, meet the renowned African tribes of the Maasai, or take an African safari cruise along the Zambezi River – one of the top white water rafting rivers in the world.

Our plethora of exciting and adventurous Africa cruise itineraries offers the best of all the insights and discoveries to be made in Africa! Africa cruises can take you to explore the stunning sights of Kenya's majestic wildlife safaris or to discover Egypt's renowned and treasured monuments. Plus, with South Africa's subtropical climate, golden beaches that line the coast, and regal mosques, temples, and bazaars, an Africa cruise can take you beyond the wildlife and monuments to bustling palm-fringed cities with vibrant culture, history and culinary flair.

Africa cruises offer travelers the convenience of a resort hotel at sea, while their days are spent canvassing this adventurous land with fun-filled activities. Imagine rolling through sand dunes as Africa offers some of the best off road and all terrain vehicle trails in the world, or you can visit Egypt's Abu Simbel and discover the sacred Great Temple of Ramses II and the amazing Temple of Hathor. Further, for a truly unforgettable experience take a horseback ride through lush cliff top trails in Mauritius, or go diving in the Red Sea! Africa cruises can take you to the most renowned cities where you can explore the eclectic mix of architectural wonders in Cape Town one day, and enjoy the beaches at Port Elizabeth – known as the water sports capital of South Africa – the next!

Africa is best known for their animal safaris, so why not have the adventure of a lifetime by day and return to the luxury of your Africa cruise by night? Moreover, river cruises also allow you to experience the ultimate African safari experience, with vessels designed to optimize animal sightings. Whether, you spot a majestic lion pride, a proud leopard basking in the sun, a zebra grazing on grass, a shy rhino, an elegant giraffe, a spotted hyena, or gaze up at an elephant, you'll have the adventure of a lifetime!

No matter how you choose to spend your Africa cruise adventure, you will be sure to head home with unforgettable memories and insight into this golden land of treasures!

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Darrin Robinson
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