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Asia Cruises

An Asia cruise can take you to discover the land of mystery and exoticness. This vast region of cultures, spirituality and traditions would possibly take a lifetime to discover completely, and an Asia cruise can give you a taste of the best!

Besides the historic temples, world wonders, and friendly locals, an Asia cruise offers some of the most interesting landscapes - sure to make for a scenic voyage unlike any other. Asia cruises can sail through sublime coastlines to snow capped mountains, and even the lush majesty of the Mekong River can be explored via an intimate river cruise. Whether you're in search of a peaceful meditation retreat, or the bustling nightlife of Bangkok, an Asia cruise can allow you to experience the enchanting hub of culture, traditions and vibrancy that each port has to offer.

An Asia cruise can offer the epitome of flavor, both at sea and on land, as this region's traditional culinary delights are sure to burst with color and infusion of exotic spices. Asia has an agricultural flair of its own, and Asian cuisine is known for its burst of flavor, so imagine getting a taste of the authentic dishes in their country of origin. An Asia cruise can be your chance to entice your taste buds whether you're looking for fresh masterfully created sushi and sashimi in Japan, spicy sundubu in South Korea, or traditional dim sum in Hong Kong!

An Asia cruise can take you anywhere from off the beaten path to the ports of metropolitan cities, you could be shopping in the floating markets of the Mekong Delta one day and in high-end boutiques in Singapore the next. The possibilities on an Asia cruise are endless because each port offers new exciting experiences. An Asia cruise can provide spiritual uplifting in historic temples such as the Wat Phra Kaew - the most significant Buddhist temple in Thailand, to distinguished world wonders such as the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. You could visit the myriad of cultural art galleries and museums in Singapore, or experience the unique aesthetics of Japanese pop culture for yourself in Tokyo.

One of the many unique ports visited on an Asia cruise journey is Busan in South Korea, where you'll find pristine beaches, fresh seafood, and Yondusan Park famous for the Busan Tower that offers panoramic views of the city and it's backdrop of majestic mountains. Your Asia cruise can also take you to one of the word's architectural wonders, Shanghai, where there's an abundance of must see attractions such as The Bund - the dozens of historical buildings lining the Huangpu River, or spend the day languishing in tranquility at the Jade Buddha Temple or the famous Yuyuan Garden.

With so many mysteries to uncover, and so many spectacular sights to discover, an Asia cruise can leave you captivated, enchanted, and with a renewed sense of wonder. You'll want to return to this land of wonder again and again.

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The itinerary was interesting stopping at major Asian cities. Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, as well as two ports which were smaller but very interesting Busan and Hiroshima. There was a war in the South Pacific theme for a few days with a visit to Guam and scenic cruising at Iwo Jima, where the ship stopped and a service was held and a wreath laid, it was very moving.

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Darrin Robinson
Vacation Consultant