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Middle East Cruises

A Middle East cruise can take you to this vast region of mystery and fascination that is woven together with a unique tapestry of cultures, ancient civilizations, and exotic locales. A Middle East cruise offers everything from cities dotted with gold domed mosques and temples, hookah cafes, buildings with artistically tiled mosaics, and sandy dunes in the heart of the desert. A journey on a Middle East cruise takes discerning travelers to a place of gracious hospitality and prime scenic beauty.

A Middle East cruise that voyages through Egypt, can take you to some of the most beautiful ports including Sharm ash Shaykh and Safaga, or you can take a river cruise up the Nile River. In Sharm ash Shaykh you can visit the best diving destination in Egypt, take a safari into the Sinai desert, or simply relax on the some of the most pristine beaches in Egypt. A Middle East cruise can also take you to the great city of Alexandria, famous for being called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean", or in Safaga take a dip in the healing waters of the Red Sea. Egypt is also home to some of the greatest archeological wonders of the world, whether you come across a monument in Cairo or head to the Giza Pyramids, Egypt never ceases to amaze!

The United Arab Emirates continues to rise in popularity as a key travel destination, and a Middle East cruise can take you to the most visited cities in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Go skiing in the desert in a winter wonderland located in the Mall of Emirates, gaze infinitely down from the architectural feat that is the Burj Khalifa, or stroll through the maze of the Global Village. Dubai can live up to the challenge of your every whim, whether its fine cuisine, a desert camel safari, swimming in the sea, or world class shopping at the Dubai Mall, there is something for everyone in Dubai!

Visiting Petra or Israel may be among some of the highlights on a Middle East cruise. Jordan has proved to be a hidden gem of a country, although Petra is a destination not to be missed. You'll also find that the warm smiles of Jordanians and the countries rich history is really what will sweep you away. You can explore ruined Roman cities or the modern, culturally rich city centers. You must try floating in the Dead Sea, and of course visit the coral rich gulf in Al Aqabab. Plus, if you're visiting Israel on your Middle East cruise, you'll step into one of the most historically visited destinations on earth. Known as the Holy Land, you'll find much more here than its historical significance. From the beaches of Eilat to the Negev desert, you could spend a day surfing, skiing, sampling wine, riding horses on the beach, or enjoying avant-garde theatre shows. Israel is full of surprises just like the rest of the Middle East; it will leave a lasting impression of spirituality, culture, charm, and pure beauty.

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