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Panama Canal Cruises

On a Panama Canal cruise you can experience watching the sun rise over one ocean and then set into another. For your next adventure, picture sailing along one of mankind's greatest accomplishments. As one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken, the Panama Canal spans 50 miles connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean via the Caribbean Sea.

On your Panama Canal cruise experience first-hand how ships enter the canal and are raised from sea level to more than 85 feet by a series of gravity-powered locks. Once raised, the ships sail through Gatun Lake and are lowered once again by a series of locks at the other end of the canal.

The Panama Canal spans three main bodies of water, not only is it historically and economically significant, but it also means that you can visit the best ports of calls in the two continents! Whether you're visiting Aruba, the Grand Caymans, Georgetown, Half Moon Cay, Costa Rica or any of the other ports of call possible along the way, you're in for a real treat! Each port of call in a Panama Canal cruise presents something unique and exciting, and guarantees a fresh new adventure.

Aruba offers travelers everything from alabaster beaches to a bustling night life, with sidewalk cafes, casinos, fine dining, and diversity of cultures, cuisines, and festivals. Not only is Aruba known for its beautiful sandy beaches, but it also happens to be a shopper's paradise! Plus, besides the pristine beaches and the luxury of Georgetown you can also experience world renowned shopping in Grand Cayman. The possibilities are endless on a Panama Canal cruise, as it takes you on a journey through different ports of call to the center of exciting cities and exquisite coastlines. You'll find yourself astonished at the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal locks, and transformed, mesmerized, and renewed.

The Panama Canal is truly one of a kind and the experience of sailing along this monumental canal will leave you wondering why you didn't explore it sooner! Besides the amazing feat of making your way through the locks, Panama offers an abundance of natural beauty and rich marine life! You can enjoy anything from horseback riding through the beaches, diving to underwater treasures, surfing on pristine waters, swimming with dolphins, feeding stingrays, or exploring pirate ships in the Bahamas!

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The Panama Canal was amazing. We had the opportunity to view the construction of the canal on our stateroom T.V. and also attend a lecture in the theatre before arriving at the Canal which made the whole adventure an experience to remember for a lifetime. This was a vacation to look forward to and we were not disappointed.

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