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Transatlantic Cruises

Relive the old age romance of sailing the ocean with a Transatlantic cruise, where the voyage itself also becomes an adventure! A Transatlantic cruise is exceptional in not only providing travelers with a unique itinerary of different countries' ports of calls, but also providing guests with sea days in which exploring the grandeur of the ship is just as exciting as the ports visited!

The port of calls on an Transatlantic cruise can take you anywhere from sought after European cities such as Barcelona and Rome all the way to iconic North American city hubs such as Miami and New York City! You may find yourself setting foot in the pastel surroundings of Bermuda one morning, and enjoying exotic locales of Casablanca on another. A Transatlantic cruise can merge different sceneries, cultures, experiences, and even climates all in one voyage!

On your Transatlantic cruise you can achieve the perfect balance of culture, exotic, and tropical! Depending on the itinerary of your Transatlantic cruise, you could take a journey through Europe's charming squares and head through tropical islands to cosmopolitan cities! Wake up in Vigo, Spain's maritime flavored city that is known for its Galician coastal cuisine or visit the historically cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, with parallels of medieval quarters and avant-garde architecture! Europe is the hub of some of the most culturally pure and historically significant sites in the world. Whether your cruise ports in Dublin, Lisbon, South Hampton, Copenhagen, Monte-Carlo or Rome, each visit to this magnificent region of the world is a whole new experience of discovery and wonder.

If your Transatlantic cruise includes tropical destinations, then the possibilities of pure thrilling excitement and relaxing serenity are endless! From Bermuda, Brazil, Mexico, Dominica, Virgin Islands, to Barbados, the tropical destinations can provide the perfect combination of luxury and adventure! On your Transatlantic cruise, you can find yourself enjoying a cocktail at an endlessly pristine beach with a gentle ocean breeze under the shade of a swaying palm tree. Moreover, for those who seek out thrills and excitement a Transatlantic cruise can take you to the best diving sites and to world class snorkeling in clear waters. Plus, enjoy horseback riding at sunset on the beach, zip line over lush rainforest canopies, or go parasailing over azure waters!

Sailing from one region of the world to another on a Transatlantic cruise may or may not be on your bucket list, but regardless a Transatlantic cruise presents a unique opportunity to see the world and a number of dream destinations in an exciting way! Plus, the sea days present travelers with time to explore all that their cruise ship has to offer from spa treatments, Broadway shows, enrichment classes, to world class public places, the possibilities are endless!

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I found the Transatlantic cruise to be a very relaxing cruise. I was able to focus on tours of each of our locations for the first week, and then had a full eight days at sea to enjoy the ship. I definitely enjoy the longer cruises. As always the crew were very friendly and helpful. Any requests that I had were dealt with immediately. I loved the captain’s updates on TV each day, and also enjoyed the interviews he gave that allowed us to get to know him and the ship a little bit more.

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Darrin Robinson
Vacation Consultant