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Fitness Facilities

Whatever your workout regimen, from power-walking to body-building, aerobics to yoga, the fitness center on your cruise ship offers a full-range of options to keep you ship shape.

All cruise ships have a workout area with the applicable equipment, personal trainers, and various classes. Newer ships have, however, cruise fitness facilities that take up half a deck and provide passengers with the latest fitness equipment, aerobic programs, and expansive ocean views. Enjoy an early morning Pilates class. Take time out of your afternoon to spin with a bunch of enthusiastic bikers. Finish up with a bit of heart-pumping kick boxing. Royal Caribbean International even provides passengers with an in-line skating track that spans the top deck of their Voyager-class vessels!

Whether your idea of fitness is jogging, swimming, weight-lifting, kick boxing, Pilates, or yoga, the fitness center on your floating resort can accommodate your needs. You can always end your workout with a relaxing sauna, steam, aromatherapy treatment, or Swedish massage. After all, you are on vacation!

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  • Pools, Sports / Recreation

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  • Spas / Beauty Salons

    Pamper yourself in the spa or beauty salon this vacation. There couldn't be a better time to treat yourself than on vacation! Spas and beauty salons offer full treatments ranging from massages and pedicures to body wraps and scrubs; achieve an even deeper level of relaxation than imagined.

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  • Cruise Cuisine

    Dining is one of the best bonuses of cruising today, with celebrity chefs and extensive menu offerings, even the most discerning palettes will be pleasantly surprised. With so many options for dining; buffets, main dining rooms, premium restaurants, bars, and room service, there's something for everyone.

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