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Western Caribbean Cruises

Imagine waking up to a new island haven every morning! What better way could one explore the different islands that make up the most sun kissed place on earth, than on a Western Caribbean cruise! Embrace the translucent azure waters of Belize, Falmouth, Havana, Montego Bay, Roatan, Cozumel, or Grand Cayman!

Head to a place where the lunch menu includes lobster, horseback riding through the white powder beaches is a favorite pastime, and hailing a water taxi is a common form of transportation, all this and more is possible in Roatan! Explore ruins of ancient Mayan civilizations one day or plunge into translucent waters on a snorkeling exhibition on another, and be sure to take time out for the tropical sanctuaries for some bird watching in Belize. Next, take a scenic tram ride to mountainous heights and explore the historic district of St. Thomas or visit the newest Jamaican port of call, Falmouth; a city that has preserved its Georgian historic architecture with extreme care and refined details giving it a uniquely authentic Jamaican flare!

Aside from exploring a rum filled paradise, a Western Caribbean cruise allows guests to have some truly unique experiences! You'll be so far from ordinary that each turn, and each encounter with a new island will leave you excitedly inspired. You could take a bottom fishing adventure or go zip lining through a lush rainforest and soar past tropical birds basking in the sun! Be sure to wash off the sand amidst a tropical rainforest in natures very own shower, an enchanting waterfall! Finally, go kayaking in a glass domed style clear kayak with views of the exceptional coral reef below!

Don't forget there is ample time to treat yourself to some much needed rest and relaxation in a tropical haven on your Western Caribbean cruise! Indulge in a seaside spa treatment and take in some much warranted relaxation on the beach or go shopping in a different ambiance and embrace the local styles and cultural flairs! Take a cooking class in a unique port of call and pick up an authentic recipe for your next dinner party that will make even the most mastered chef envious. Explore spectacular history and civilizations first hand by strolling through ancient Mayan ruins!

Western Caribbean cruises have gained popularity over the years because of their ease of access to home ports. If getting as far away from ordinary life is the goal of any vacation, then a Western Caribbean cruise can help you achieve the extraordinary! Whether its adventure, relaxation, or intimate spaces that you're looking for, there is a Western Caribbean cruise for you. So set sail on the ultimate adventure to a tropical oasis, and wake up to a new inspiring experience everyday!

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