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Central America Cruises

A Central America cruise can provide the best of everything this region has to offer, from lush rainforest, biodiversity, pristine beaches, exotic cuisine, and friendly locals! Central America cruises offer everything from thrill to serenity, and adventure to relaxation.

A Central America cruise can port in some of the most scenic regions along splendid coastlines such as Colón, Antigua, Costa Rica, Honduras and Belize. Every day is an adventure, and every moment is exotic in this land of tranquil waters, golden beaches, dense jungles, and coffee intense mountains.

One of the greatest aspects of a Central America cruise can be visiting ports such as Colón - Panama's most notorious city! While here, don't miss the Gatún Locks, the largest of the three sets. Experience first-hand how ships enter the canal and are raised from sea level to more than 85 feet by a series of gravity-powered locks. Once raised, the ships sail through Gatún Lake and are lowered once again by a series of locks at the other end of the canal. Cruising through the Panama Canal, or witnessing Gatún Locks first hand, is an experience you'll never forget!

On your Central America cruise adventure, how you choose to seek excitement and relaxation is entirely up to you! In Costa Rica, you can take a canopy tour and soar on a zipline above tree tops, or even go surfing in Costa Rica's most famous surf destination, Salsa Brava. For those looking for a different adrenaline rush, you can head to Turrialba and tackle the jungle rivers on a white-water rafting adventure.

If your dream vacation is spent on idyllic beaches and swimming through translucent waters while gazing at coral, tropical fish, dolphins, and turtles, then your Central America cruise must port in Belize. In Belize, you can explore the prevalent Mayan influence and exquisite tropical wildlife as you discover one of the most visited parts of Central America.

Your Central America cruise can also take you to the most popular city in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan. This city is a snorkeler’s paradise because it's surrounded on all sides by rich coral reef. You can also visit one of the many botanical gardens, iguana farms, or the small villages along isolated bays with coconut lines coasts that boast powdery white sand.

Some of our world's most pristine coastlines, lush jungles, and flamboyantly tropical nature are prevalent in Central America, and what better way to see this region of tranquility, liquid gold sunsets, and inviting beaches than on a Central America cruise.

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By cruise is a great way to see several Central American countries and the Panama Canal. We took in several shore excursions in Huatulco in Mexico, Granada in Nicaragua, Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, and Quirigua Archaeological Site in Guatemala and they were all excellent.

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